Highland Ranch Dairy Goats

breeding quality Nigerian Dwarf goats in Snohomish, WA

ADGA pedigree for each doe can be viewed by clicking their on their name. 

SGCH Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses 1*M  VEEE90 (Reference only, retired)

SG Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses (3/16/10) joined our herd in the Spring of 2014, thanks to Kevin and Becky Allen at Blue Bear Farm.  She is a flashy, blue eyed doe with great length, body capacity and a capacious mammary system.  Hershey is sweet as can be... my lap goat.   Hershey earned her final championship legs in 2018 at the Udder Spectacular Show in Monroe, WA and the Wine Country Classic in Kennewick!   In addition she earned Best Udder of Breed at the Clark County Fair in August 2018.

Sire:  Camanna BJ Blue Dakota   SS: AGS Camanna AL Blue Jericho  SD: AGS Camanna ZH Mercedes Gold
Dam: SG Blue Bear Easter Bunny   DS: AGS Raven Crest Luck of the Draw   DD: AGS KLC's Pepperanne

Linear Appraisal:
2011     VVV
2012    VVVV86 (FF)
2013   VVEE88
2016   VEEE90

To view Hershey's show wins, click here.

CH Blue Bear BD Little Willow  1*M   EEEE91  (Reference only, retired)

CH Blue Bear BD Little Willow (5/25/11) was our first doe.  My husband picked her out as a bottle baby and I'm thankful for his good eye!  She is a correct doe with a high, tight, and beautifully blended mammary system.  We have retained three of her doelings as this is just the type of doe we are breeding for.  She earned her final championship leg at the 2015 Evergreen State Fair Open Show and we are thrilled!

Willow has won eight BOB titles.  

Sire:  Camanna BJ Blue Dakota  SS: AGS Camanna AL Blue Jericho  SD: Camanna ZH Mercedes Gold

Dam:  CH Blue Bear SB Afternoon Delight  DS: AGS CTC Moonshadow Sterling Blue  DD: SG Blue Bear Easter Bunny

Linear Appraisal Scores:

2016  VVEV  88   

2017 EEEE 91 (Permanent score)

To view Willow's show record, click here.

Wilhelm Cottage Queen Mary  1*M  VEEE90  (Reference only - sold)

Sire:  Hetland Creek MS Mai Tai *B  SS: Pholia Farm RD Moonshine *B  SD: Pholia Farm MC Barfly

Dam: Gladdie Acres HB Margarita  DS: AGS Piddlin Acres Hit the Bullseye  DD: Gladdie Acres Tequila Sunset

We were contacted by Mary's former owners as they were dispersing their herd.  What a great addition to Highland Ranch!  Mary has now earned two championship legs (both in 2020 at large, competitive shows), one best of breed, and two reserve champion placings.  She has thrown beautiful kids and we retained a 2020 buckling.  Mary is a total love.   We have also retained a 2021 doeling, Highland Ranch VP Pr. Buttercup, who earned her Restricted leg at the NEWDGA Show in Spokane, WA.

Linear Appraisal

2019 VEEE90 

2021 Not Scored - Dry

Show Wins

2020: 1x GCH, 1x RCH  Hells Canyon Dairy Goat Association, Lewiston, ID

          1x GCH, 1x BOB, 1x RCH   Bitterroot Dairy Goat Association, Hamilton, MT

GCH (pending) Almar Acres RK Idaho Girl (polled)  3*M  -  VEEE91 - "Idaho"

Sire: Dragonfly ARG Raising Kain  SS: Dragonfly HFX Aragorn  SD: SGCH AGS Flat Rocks Charybdis 1*M

Dam: Dragonfly ARG Maine Attraction 2*M VEEE89 DS: Dragonfly HFX Aragorn   DD: Dragonfly T Ninevah 1*M  EEEV90

Thanks to Marilyn Woolsey (Almar Acres) for the chance to own this beautiful doe.  In her first show of 2018, Idaho earned her dry leg and went on to win Best Junior Doe In Show that day.  

We love this long, correct doe and her well attached mammary system with nice texture and she looks absolutely amazing this year (2021).  Idaho went Grand under both judges at the May 2021 Fuzzy Show in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with some very strong competition, so she is now GCH pending! 

Linear Appraisal

2019  EEVE89 (FF)

2021 VEEE91

Show Wins

2018  Restricted Leg - SWWDGA

          BJDIS - SWWDGA

2021  2xGCH, 2xBOB - CDA Fuzzy Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID 

Highland Ranch PD Soldotna -  3*M  - EEEE90  "Dot" 

Sire:  Highland Ranch 8SR It's PayDay *B  SS: Hetland Creek TT 8 Second Ride  SD: SG Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses
Dam:  Highland Ranch MM Talkeetna 2*M  DS:  Camanna RZ Moonlight Mojo  DD: CH Blue Bear BD Little Willow
Dot has earned numerous Reserve Champion placings.  

Dot has a beautiful head and shoulder assembly and really strong feet and legs.  Her mammary system is well attached and she has nice udder texture.  She is just an all around beautiful doe!

Linear Appraisal:
2019 VEVV86 (FF)
2021 EEEE90

Show Wins:
2017  2x RCH - SWWDGA Show
2021  RCH - CDA Fuzzy Show - Coeur d'Alene, ID
          RCH - Roseburg Dairy Goat Association Show - Roseburg, OR

Highland Ranch FS Nrthn Lights  -  2*M  -  "Maggie"   E+EE90


Another beautiful Willow daughter, Maggie won her first three huge yearling milker classes of 2019 and has always placed high each time she's in the ring.  

Sire:  Stayawhile HC Forged Steel   SS: Rosasharn NP Honey Moon Cruz  VVE87  SD: SG Stayawhile TV Camera Ready 2*M VEEE91

Dam:  CH Blue Bear BD Little Willow  EEEE91  DS: SG Camanna BJ Blue Dakota  DD: CH Blue Bear SB Afternoon Delight

Maggie milked 5.9lbs on her one day test last year (2020) as a 2nd freshener.  WOW!  Easy to milk, buttery soft texture and beautifully attached mammary.

Linear Appraisal 

2019 VVV+85 (FF) 

2021 E+EE90  (overfinished at time of appraisal which affected her score in Dairy Strength)

Show wins

2020: 1xRCH Bitterroot Dairy Goat Association, Hamilton, MT

2021: 1xGCH, 2xRCH, 1xBOB NEWDGA, Spokane, WA

          1xRCH CDA Fuzzy show, Coeur d'Alene, ID

          1xGCH, 1xBOB, Best Udder, Evergreen State Fair - Monroe, WA

Sire:  Leisure Time ZZ All Dressed Up     SS:  HetlandCreek Sharp Dressed Man    SD:  Leisure Time Sophisticated Lady 2*M +EEE87
Dam:  Highland Ranch 8SR Ravenna VEVV88      DS:  Hetland Creek 8 Second Ride     DD: Blue Bear A Dilettante 

Rein was 5th place out of a large, competitive class at Nationals and earned her dry leg that same year (2019).  We were thrilled!  And now, as a FF 2yr old (2021), she earned two Reserve Grands, two Grand Champion legs, and one Best of Breed making her a permanent champion (pending).  We have received many compliments about her and are excited to see how she continues to mature.  Rein is truly a complete package without any obvious faults.  Breeding very dairy animals that are simply shorter in stature is what we're all about.  

Linear Appraisal

2021 EEVE89 (highest score possible for FF)

Show Wins

2019: 1xGCH restricted leg at Evergreen State Fair, Monroe, WA

2021: 1xGCH, 1xBOB Roseburg Dairy Goat Association, Roseburg, OR

          1xGCH, 2xRCH SWWDGA Enumclaw, WA

Highland Ranch AD Jersey Girl - VV+V86 (FF score)


Sire:  Leisure Time ZZ All Dressed Up  SS:  HetlandCreek Sharp Dressed Man    SD:  Leisure Time Sophisticated Lady 2*M +EEE87
Dam:  Almar Acres RZ Idaho Girl  3*M  VEEE89 (FF)   DS:  Dragonfly ARG Raising Kain   DD:  Dragonfly ARG Maine Attraction 2*M VEEE89

Jersey earned her dry leg in 2020 and went on to win Best Junior Doe in Show against some tough competition! Following in her dam's footsteps!
She freshened with a beautiful udder and we are retaining a really beautiful doe kid (Highland Ranch Blue Violet) from 2021.

Linear Appraisal:
2020:  VV+V86

Show Wins:
2020:  GCH (Restricted Leg) - Bitterroot Dairy Goat Association, Hamilton, MT
            BJDIS - Bitterroot Dairy Goat Association, Hamilton, MT

Hetland Creek GQ Haleakala - +VVE87 (FF score)

Sire:  Leisure Time ZZ GQ       SS:  Hetland Creek Sharp Dressed Man      SD:  Leisure Time Sophisticated Lady 2*M +EEE87
Dam:  Hetland Creek ILM Vesuvius    DS:  Alethia ET I'm A Love Machine      DD:  Algedi Farm MH Andante
We saw "Kala" the day she was born and were so excited the day we got to bring her home!  Thanks Denise Hetland from Hetland Creek for trusting us with this beautiful Andante granddaughter!  

Linear Appraisal:
2021  +VVE87 (FF)

Show Wins:
2020 - RCH - Hells Canyon Dairy Goat Association - Lewiston, ID

Highland Ranch PD Alyeska - "Aly" - Reference only, retired


Sire: Highland Ranch 8SR It's Payday  SS: HetlandCreek TT 8 Second Ride *B  SD: SG Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses
Dam: CH Blue Bear BD Little Willow   DS: Camanna BJ Blue Dakota  DD: CH Blue Bear SB Afternoon Delight
We love this girl... looks so much like her beautiful mom. Her beautiful udder is a reflection of her dam's. We are loving how highly attached it is with nice capacity for her size, and a strong medial suspensory ligament. Aly has earned one reserve champion win. Aly got 6th place out of 66 two year olds at the ADGA National Show in 2019!
Unfortunately, Aly had a tough kidding in 2019.  We believe she got rammed resulting in dead kids and a very difficult delivery which left her with scar tissue on her cervix.  She won't be able to be bred again so she is enjoying retirement here.  
To view Alyeska's show record, click here.
Linear Appraisal Scores:
2018  +VEE87 
2019  V+VE87