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GCH* Almar Acres RK Idaho Girl (polled)  3*M  VEEE91 

Sire: Dragonfly ARG Raising Kain    SS: Dragonfly HFX Aragorn  SD: SGCH AGS Flat Rocks Charybdis 1*M

Dam: Dragonfly ARG Maine Attraction 2*M VEEE89     DS: Dragonfly HFX Aragorn   DD: Dragonfly T Ninevah 1*M  EEEV90


Thanks to Marilyn Woolsey (Almar Acres) for the chance to own this beautiful doe.  In her first show of 2018, Idaho earned her dry leg and went on to win Best Junior Doe In Show that day.  We knew her future was bright.  She is has a beautiful topline, very wide level rump - hips to pins and thurl to thurl, and has well attached mammary system with nice texture.   Idaho went Grand under both judges in May of 2021 in Coeur d'Alene, ID with some very strong competition. 

Idaho is the body style / general appearance we are going for - she looks like a standard breed goat in a smaller package.  


Linear Appraisal

2021  VEEE91

2019  EEVE89 (FF)


Show Wins

2018  Restricted Leg - SWWDGA

           BJDIS - SWWDGA

2021  2xGCH, 2xBOB - CDA Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID

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GCH* Highland Ranch PD Soldotna  3*M  EEEE90 

Sire:  Highland Ranch 8SR It's PayDay *B     SS: Hetland Creek TT 8 Second Ride   SD: SGCH Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses
Dam:  Highland Ranch MM Talkeetna 2*M   DS:  Camanna RZ Moonlight Mojo      DD: CH Blue Bear BD Little Willow


Soldotna is a granddaughter of our foundation doe, Blue Bear BD Little Willow EEEE91 on her dam's side and our beloved SGCH Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses on her sire's side.  Dot has earned numerous class wins and RCH placings and received her final championship leg in 2023.  

Dot excels in General Appearance and Dairy Strength - she is long and level, flat boned and has really strong feet and legs.  Her mammary system is well attached and she has nice udder texture.  She is just an all around beautiful doe!

Linear Appraisal:
2021 EEEE90
2019 VEVV86 (FF)

Show Wins:
2017  2x RCH - SWWDGA Show
2021  RCH - CDA Show - Coeur d'Alene, ID
          RCH - Roseburg Dairy Goat Association Show - Roseburg, OR
2022 CH - SWWDGA Show - Enumclaw, WA 
          CH - CDA Show - Coeur d'Alene, ID
          RCH - CDA Show - Coeur d'Alene, ID
2023  CH - SWWDGA Show - Puyallup Spring Fair

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GCH* Highland Ranch AD Rein E Day  3*M  EEVE89 (FF) 

Sire:  Leisure Time ZZ All Dressed Up   SS:  HetlandCreek Sharp Dressed Man   SD:  Leisure Time Sophisticated Lady                2*M +EEE87

Dam:  Highland Ranch 8SR Ravenna VEVV88      DS:  Hetland Creek 8 Second Ride     DD: Blue Bear A Dilettante 


Rein was 5th place out of a large, competitive class at Nationals and earned her dry leg that same year (2019).  We were thrilled!  

As a FF 2yr old (2021), she earned two Reserve Grands, two Grand Champion legs, and one Best of Breed making her a permanent champion.  She was 13th in her class at the 2023 ADGA National Show.  Rein has quite the large fan club and we are excited to see the impact her offspring will have on herds all around the US.  Rein is truly a complete package.  Breeding dairy animals that are simply shorter in stature is what we're all about.  


Linear Appraisal:

2021 EEVE89 (highest score possible for FF)


Show Wins:

2019: 1xGCH restricted leg at Evergreen State Fair, Monroe, WA

2021: 1xGCH, 1xBOB Roseburg Dairy Goat Association, Roseburg, OR

           1xGCH, 2xRCH SWWDGA Enumclaw, WA

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HetlandCreek GQ Haleakala  7*M  +VVE87 (FF) 

Sire:  Leisure Time ZZ GQ    SS:  Hetland Creek Sharp Dressed Man  SD:  Leisure Time Sophisticated Lady 2*M +EEE87

Dam:  Hetland Creek ILM Vesuvius   DS:  Alethia ET I'm A Love Machine    DD:  Algedi Farm MH Andante


We saw "Kala" the day she was born and were so excited the day we got to bring her home!  Thanks Denise Hetland from Hetland Creek for trusting us with this beautiful Andante granddaughter!  

Kala milks like a dream - huge production and milks down to nothing.  She placed 8th out of huge 4yr old class at the 2023 ADGA National Show.  


Linear Appraisal:

2021  +VVE87 (FF)


Show Wins:

2020 - RCH - Hells Canyon Dairy Goat Association - Lewiston, ID

2022 - Best Udder in Show - Evergreen State Fair - Monroe, WA

2023 - CH and BOB - SWWDGA show - Puyalllup Spring Fair 

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Highland Ranch VP MistyMorning

Sire:  Highland Ranch PD Vegas Prize   SS:  Highland Ranch 8SR It's PayDay  SD:  Almar Acres RK Idaho Girl VEEE91

Dam:  Highland Ranch AD Rein E Day EEVE89   DS:  LeisureTime ZZ AllDressedUp    DD:  Highland Ranch 8SR Ravenna VEVV88


Misty's strong general appearance has helped her place in the top 5  almost every time she has been shown.  If you are looking to improve topline, rump, shoulder assembly, front legs and rear leg angulation,  a kid out of Misty may be a great addition to your herd.  She has had singles her first two freshenings so we are hoping for at least twins in 2024!  

Barnwood background_edited.jpg

Highland Ranch SS Midnight Sky

Sire:  HetlandCreek ZZ Shooting Star    SS:  Hetland Creek Sharp Dressed Man  SD:  GCH HetlandCreek HB Swan Harmonica 6*M VVEE90 (FS)

Dam:  Highland Ranch AD Rein E Day 3*M EEVE89(FF)  DS:  Leisure Time All Dressed Up    DD:  Highland Ranch 8SR Ravenna VEVV88 


We are very excited about "Mini".  The pairing of her dam, Rein - a permanent champion at 2yrs old with Shooting Star - whose dam was the 1st place 3yr old at the 2019 ADGA National Show - has made for one beautiful doe kid.  We look forward to freshening her for Spring 2024 kids. Midnight Sky "Mini" placed 7th at the 2023 ADGA National Show.  

Show Wins:

2023 - CH Junior Doe - The Evergreen State Fair

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