Highland Ranch Dairy Goats

breeding quality Nigerian Dwarf goats in Snohomish, WA

2021 Breeding Schedule

Reservations are $25 each.  If we are unable to provide the kid you select, either because it is not born or we decide to keep it, we will be glad to refund your deposit.  Refunds are not issued if you decide not to purchase an animal.  Thank you for your understanding.  To make a reservation, please CLICK HERE to send us a message. 

The notations regarding animals we plan to retain are tentative.  We will make final decisions regarding which animals we will retain by the time they are 8 weeks old although these decisions are often made much earlier.

At the time your reserved kid is offered, we ask for a 50% deposit.  The remainder can be paid at pick up/delivery.   

Performance herd discount (have participated in LA, DHIA, and/or ADGA sanctioned shows in 2019/20) - $50 per animal.

2021 Kid pricing determined as follows:
Base price                    $400
Bred to *B Buck           +$50
Grand Champion Win  +$50  (max of 3)
E in mammary on LA   +$50
Superior Genetics        +$50
LA Score 88 & above   +$50
Production Milk Star adds $50;  Butterfat or Protein Milk Star adds $25  
$25  Discount given to DHIR, LA, or ADGA Show homes

Please let us know if you would like us to consider payment options, etc.  We understand tight budgets.  

Wethers -  $175  (Wether reservations listed at bottom of page)

2021 Wether Reservations: