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Thank you Jodi McDowell and Stayawhile Farm for trusting us with this beautiful buck.  We are excited about his correctness and dairy strength and that he has put a number of beautiful and productive kids on the ground.  He injured his knee and shoulder in February of 2015 so we will be unable to show him and it did affect his LA score, however - it sure doesn't affect his ability to produce.   Newsworthy has earned his Superior Genetics designation and we are thrilled! 
Newsworthy was awarded his Superior Genetics designation in 2018 and has 5 Superior Genetics daughters in the Stayawhile herd! 
**Updated photo coming soon**

Sire:  Fuji Farm ATS Mi Incentivo  VVV86  SS: Algedi Farm HD Thunderstruck +*B  VEE90     SD: Fuji Farm RTR Mi Cielo +VVV86

Dam: SGCH Stayawhile GK Takara 1*M VEEV90     DS: SG Rosasharn SH Guyku +*B VEE90    DD:  Hidden Gems PCS Flower

Payday is exactly what we wanted out of pairing Hershey Kisses and HetlandCreek TT 8 Second Ride.  We love the kids PayDay has sired so far.  His 2yr old daughter, Highland Ranch PD Alyeska was 6th out of 66 at the 2019 ADGA Nationals.  We are SO pleased with the kids he has put on the ground!

Sire: Hetlandcreek TT 8 Second Ride *B  SS: Alethia DJ Triton *B  SD: Algedi Farm CK Seirene Song 1*M VEVE 91

Dam: SG Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses   DS: Camanna BJ Blue Dakota   DD: SG Blue Bear Easter Bunny   

Leisure Time ZZ All Dressed Up *B

We have long been a fan of Algedi Farm CK Seirene Song and when the chance came to bring a young buck into our herd with her genetics crossed with the strong production from Leisure Time, we said "Yes!".  Thanks Kristine Struve-Hagen for breeding this promising buck.

Sire:  HetlandCreek Sharp Dressed Man    SS: Alethia ET I'm a Love Machine     SD: Algedi Farm CK Seirene Song

Dam:  Leisure Time SophisticatedLady +EEE87 (at barely 3yrs old)     DS: Poppy Patch HB Honey Bear     DD:  Poppy Patch HB Jazzy

Highland Ranch AD ______

One of our keeper bucklings this year is out of our beloved 10 year old doe Hershey. Hershey is still standing strong on her feet and legs and continues to produce a lot of milk.

Sire: Leisure Time ZZ All Dressed Up *B    SS: HetlandCreek Sharp Dressed Man     SD: LeisureTime SophisticatedLady

Dam: SGCH Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses     DS: Camanna BJ Blue Dakota        DD: SG Blue Bear Easter Bunny

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