Highland Ranch Dairy Goats

breeding quality Nigerian Dwarf goats in Snohomish, WA


5 - TOP 10 placings at 2019 ADGA Nationals! 
And two more does made TOP 20 in their classes!

Highland Ranch AD Jersey Girl - 13th out of 42 - Junior Kid

Highland Ranch AD Rein E Day - 5th out of 47 - Intermediate Kid

Highland Ranch FS Nrthn Lights - 7th out 34 - Yearling Milker

Highland Ranch PD Alyeska - 6th out of 66 - 2yr old Milker

Wilhelm Cottage Queen Mary - 14th out of 34 - 4yr old Milker

SGCH Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses - 4th out of 13 - 7+ Milker

GCH Blue Bear BD Little Willow - 6th out of 13 - 7+ Milker

Highland Ranch is located in beautiful Snohomish, WA.  We are home to a small herd of

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats from quality bloodlines.

We got our start in 2011 with our first doeling (CH Blue Bear BD Little Willow EEEE91) and a very sweet wether named Kenai. 

Whether you are looking to add to your existing herd of show-quality productive dairy goats, hoping to start your hobby farm

and enjoy delicious fresh goat milk, or just want a few pet goats, take a look through the site and contact us if we can help.

Whether you live in Snohomish, Monroe, anywhere in Washington or beyond, we'd love to chat.


We are a CAE, CL, Johne‚Äôs, and Brucella negative herd.  Our entire herd is tested annually.

ADGA Plus Performance Herd

425.387.2520             highlandranchdairygoats@gmail.com